Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Mash Up

Geez y'all!! I have been cccrrraazzzyyy busy this week. After my 'digital detox' and being out of town for the weekend I feel like everything got a little out of whack. Like I'm just a step behind. We just got around to grocery shopping tonight...and it was MANDATORY..because we were out of everything. Jeremy and I have both been sick. It was rainy today. Ya know...LIFE keeps happening. lol.
But I know everything will get back to normal soon enough.

I had a super great weekend. My mom and I drove up to see my sister for her birthday but we were able to sneak up to Denton to see Jonessa and her brand new baby boy, Seth! Poor Jonessa had that dazed and confused look going on. Being a brand new Momma is hard work.

We surprised my sister with our visit..she had no idea we were coming. But THEN we surprised her with a party at her apartment. I have discovered that I am not a very good liar when under pressure. I am NOT able to lie on the fly!

Jonessa suggested speaking with a foreign accent to confuse the person I am speaking to long enough to think of something else to say. Good idea...except I was trying to fib to my sister. I'm not sure she would have fallen for the foreign accent.

My cousin, Briana (she is presenting the cupcakes above), who lives with my sister is celebrating her birthday today {Happy Birthday, Bri!}. And my sister planned a surprise birthday party for HER on Sunday. was one crazy weekend of surprise birthday parties at my sister's place.

*Subject change*

Has anyone else tried BodyCombat at the gym? It's like Tae Bo...on crack. I LOVE it! It get's my heart rate up and I'm sweating. It's a great way to get out any frustrations. Even though I know I'm makes me feel like a total bad ass.

OH! Guess what I signed up for today?! The Hot Chocolate 5k next month!!! I'll run for chocolate. There is a time restriction of a 15 mile..after that they open the roads back up to traffic. I've only AVERAGED a 14: 21 mile on my own at a walk/jog hopefully I won't be waved off the course for being too slow. Nervous! Excited!

OH! AND! I got my Jessica Simpson dress in. My Facebook people have already seen this pic but I'll share with y'all too!

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