Sunday, January 8, 2012

Eight Days of 2012

1. Bought a Jessica Simpson dress at a killer price. There were no measurements listed so I'm crossing my fingers that the size I bought fits me. If not I'll be hitting the gym so that I WILL fit in it.

2. We lost water pressure...and I thought for sure there was something wrong with our pipes, or water heater, or something because our house hates us. Turns out it was a city pipe and not our house. Thank goodness.

3. Found out Friday that something was leaking water in our kitchen. It turned out to be a piece connecting the water supply line to our dishwasher. Easily fixed, thank goodness. I blame the water pressure issue.

4. I cloned myself.

5. Jeremy hung the second door in the guestroom. That means its time to move on to the next thing, probably the baseboards.

6. Applied for Jeremy's passport.

7. Read my first book of the year. 'Avenging Angel' by Tara Janzen writing under Glenna McReynolds. It was a good way to spend an evening. I really liked it.

8. Purchased tickets for our trip to Vancouver in July! sister purchased the tickets. But its official..we're going international, baby!


  1. It's been an interesting year so far!
    Vancouver?! Ooooo.....jealous.
    Where did you find that dress? So cute!!

  2. Hey, I've just found your blog! Love the dress and your clone looks so,so cute! I am now following you :)


  3. stumbled on your blog and just wanted to say hello! def a cute post! seems like you have done alot more than i have since 2012 has started!