Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Randoms

1. It's freakin' cold outside, y'all! It actually snowed yesterday, for about an hour. It didn't stick..thank goodness. After the great freeze last year, I decided falling snow is pretty...snow that hangs around for more than a day is no fun at all.

2. I'm headed to Dallas this weekend. It's baby shower time for my bestie, Jonessa. I call her baby Jethro even though that's not his name. It's grown on me so I keep using it. The kid is going to be so darn confused. But Jonessa and I are NOTORIOUS for nicknames.

3. I get to see my seester. Who knows what we'll get up to.

4. I have wrapped presents under my tree. It makes me happy. I still have more presents to wrap. That makes me happy too!

5. Jeremy and I bought  a new TV for our "den". We have been using a dinosaur of a tube TV. It works fine but it weighs a TON and we have to keep moving it to change out cables. I kept imagining a broken foot or a hole in my floor if Jeremy ever dropped it. So for Christmas we got a pretty new flat screen that weighs 15 lbs. and a place for all the cords we need.

6. At this very moment I have Harley sitting on one side of me and Lil'Mama sitting on the other. There has been no hissing. Everyone is relatively relaxed. It's progress. Having a new cat in the house has slightly disrupted the vibe in the house...of course. Everything has been fine, but we can tell that we are still a little on edge. It's getting better.

7. The guest room makeover has commenced. The back room has been a lot of different things over the years we've lived here, but recently it's been the 'cat room'. Their food and litter box is back there. But we are getting started on a revamp for a proper guest bedroom. When we moved into this house we tore out the baseboards and door trim to replace it all, and put up crown moulding...in every room except the back room. It was our dumping room and it was never remodeled. So its time to catch that room up with the rest of the house. Hopefully it won't take a lifetime. Of course, I shall keep y'all updated.


  1. Love the background on your site. The candy canes are too cute! Would love to invite ya back to my blog for a blog party in January. Hope you'll check it out

  2. Hope you had a great visit :)

    Have a wonderful week.