Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Randoms

1. Overtime is back on at work. 10 hour days are great for the paycheck but put a serious hink in my normal routine. My sister laughs at me, but losing those two hours to work totally derails the rest of my day. They offered voluntary overtime for tomorrow and have already called mandatory overtime for NEXT Saturday, all eight hours.

2. My eating has been totally crappy this week..or at least I feel like it has been. Ice cream, pizza, doughnuts. Not good.

3. I had a dentist appointment (that I scheduled six months ago, for a time that is after my normal work day) which turned a 10 hour day into a 11 hour day.

4. I've worked out once this week.

5. The dogs have been walked once this week.

6. I had some mini-drama earlier this week. I seriously try to avoid drama but sometimes its just not possible. It sucks up so much energy and its stupid.

7. A co-worker complimented me on my new Varana heels {I couldn't wait for winter to wear them}.

SSSSooooo, that was my week in a nut shell. I'm glad its over.

Things I'm looking forward to this weekend:

1. My hair appointment tomorrow morning {Thank you, Lord, for no mandatory OT on Saturday}. I only had my bangs cut two weeks ago so I'm going back for an all over trim. My long ass hair is getting a little crispy on the ends.

2. Birthday celebration for my niece, Maddy J.  I haven't seen her in months so I'm super excited. Plus I get to go shop for a fun birthday present.

3. Possible night out with some friends..maybe...

4. The draft for the only Fantasy Football league I'm playing on is happening Sunday. The Pink Punishers are ready to rumble.

5. No work on Monday.

6. At this very moment, The Weather Channel says the high for Monday is only suppose to be 89. 89! 8-freakin'-9!!

6. S.L.E.E.P


  1. OMG... I do a fantasy football league too. it's with my family so it's all in fun! I am excited. Ours is today.Good luck to your Pink Punishers. Hope you gets some good players.

  2. You make me laugh! :)

    I'm sooooo excited about the upcoming temps. "Remeisha Shade" (the meteorologist from NBC5) said that today is our last HOT day.

    P.S. Seriously that is her real name!

  3. 8-freakin-9. I'd kill for that. We hit 103 today. I am just about to my breaking point with this heat. Who buys pumpkins and squash and all things fall when it is 103!!!