Saturday, July 30, 2011

Text Conversation with Jonessa

Jonessa: Boys are stinky and smelly and now I have to raise one. You'll help, right? :)

Me: It's a boy!!!!! {she sprang the sex of the baby on me...just like that}

Me: OMG..I beat Coach {the husband} is freakin' thrilled.

Jonessa: He shows little emotion. Like if you got Jeremy a meet-and-greet with Metallica he'd prolly be like, 'Thanks, Baby.' I was raised with girls. I don't know what to do with a boy.

Me: Oh no...he's thrilled. I know it. Boys are easy! {says the woman with no children} Give em something to smash and they are happy.

Jonessa: Good point. And I do like blue. Plus, girls are so moody. I know I am.

Me: SSooo..have y'all discussed names?

Jonessa: I want Alex but Coach does not. If I have to carry him for nine months, shouldn't I get to name him? Seems like a fair deal to me.

Me: LOL..that's not the way it works, Jonessa. Let Coach name him and we'll call him Alex anyways. OOhh, and just because you said you would name your baby Alex doesn't mean you have to. {this is in reference to Jonessa promising an old friend years and years and YEARS ago that she would name her first born son after him}

Jonessa: Oh, the infinite wisdom of Jinny. This is why I come to you. :) {see, she understands how right I always, how to get the rest of the world hip to this idea}

Me: I say you name him Jethro. Jethro Alexander. See what Coach thinks of that.

Jonessa: Coach already calls him Ebenezer. I'm trying to break him of that.

Me: Just swat him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper..LOL

Jonessa: LOL

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