Sunday, June 12, 2011

Life is Good

As I was trolling the Internet this evening, looking for new blogs and fun things to read, I popped onto Shasta Anne's blog (I've been to her site before from Tangled in Texas and found myself there again today via Suze Blog). A few posts down she referenced this piece:

"As I contemplated the perfection that surrounded me, I realized that it had little to do with the world's definition of perfection. So many times, we are tricked into thinking that perfection comes with that new patio furniture or just the right water feature. If only we had a new car with all-leather interior, life would be perfect. If we could get that raise, land that job or buy that house, we would be content and life would be perfect. But perfection is not a tangible, physical achievement. It is a state of mind. Perfection is realizing that you have this moment only and that you are thankful for every good thing. Perfection comes not from acquiring some new thing or moving up to the next rung of the corporate ladder. Perfection comes from being present where you are in this moment of time."

It touched her. And it touched me too. I found it fitting that I came across it today because I happened to be thinking about Heaven and Hell (don't ask why! I have ADD, people, its a long and twisty road). I was wondering about what Hell really looks like (ok fine, it was because of a movie we had watched this weekend). Which, of course, lead me to think about Heaven and what IT really looked like. Personally, the idea of Heaven being all puffy clouds and people walking around in white robes and living in mansions sort of oogs me out. So, I thought about what Heaven would be like for me..if I had any say. And it wouldn't be a life of excess. It would be a life of moderate comfort..but with no worry, no pain, no death. SSSooo..technically, it would be life as I know it right now..except with no bills and a self-cleaning litter box. (alright, it would be a little more than that..but basically..)

It helped slide things into perspective for me. Because, despite a few pesky bills..a few frustrating moments at work..a few medical issues that pop up on occasion (us and the pets) is good and it's my slice of Heaven on earth.


  1. This is such a great post. You put your heart out there and I could identify with so much of what you ate saying. I'm so glad that you found some comfort and some self introspection from the that post I sited. It really spoke to me. Thank you for the shout btw!

  2. I just love Shasta's blog. I feel like we're always getting caught up in "worldly" things. It's not even about Keeping Up w/ the Joneses, per se, it's that there's always something better. It's so annoying, but a daily struggle to be content w/ what we have, but also work to better ourselves. Such a strange dichotomy...

    For example, Hubs loves going to school and is considering getting his PhD in Education, but his dream is to work at a local hardware/general goods store. I'm like...let's just move to a tiny house and you do that and I'll be a bank teller. The end. I think we'd be happier!