Monday, May 23, 2011

Tomorrow is another day

Y'all, it is hot. Not just hot but hhoottttt-ta. My little weather icon is telling me it is currently 102 7:00 in the evening. Oy vey. Weather like this isn't good for anything except for sitting in front of the air vents.

It was even muggy at work today. I felt greasy all day long. I hate that. But I had to be doing better than the husband. He works in a warehouse, with no heating or cooling. Yuck.

To top the day off, Lola came inside licking one of her paws obsessively. After a quick inspection we found that she has a crack on her foot pad. It's not bleeding or anything but I rinsed it off with some warm water and antibacterial soap, dabbed a little ointment on it and TRIED to cover it up with some gentle tape (sticks to itself not to skin or hair). Yeah, that lasted all of two seconds before she had it off. She is on the floor, still licking. I'm trying not to stress out about it. The dogs already have a vet appointment on Thursday for their yearly vaccinations..I can bring it up then if I need to...right?

*breath in, breath out*

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  1. Oh yeahhhh. It is even hot in the morning! No relief! I hope Lola gets better! My dog L licks her paws but it's b/c she has allergies.