Friday, May 13, 2011

So there I was..

walking home from work, and looking all kinds of cute. I only live two blocks away from where I work so I usually walk myself home. Sometimes the shoes I decide to wear for the day aren't exactly the best for walking the street. I could always bring a pair of flats to slip into at the end of the day for my quick five minute walk home, but I don't. I am, however, always very careful in the walking. I pay a lot of attention to the street and my feet. But sometimes, no matter how careful I am, gravity wins out and I fall. We've lived in this house for about 8 years or so and in all that time of walking back and forth to work I can count on one hand how many times I have flat out fallen on my ass. But this time has been the worst by far.

So, I was nearly the busiest street and onto my quiet little street..thank goodness. I was only a house down from my own. I was feeling good. The work day had gone by quickly, the weather was nice. I was looking so cute in my outfit, olive green tank top with brown braided belt, covered by a cream colored short sleeve cardigan..matched with my Levi's and an adorable pair of cork-heeled wedges. I was thinking of even taking a picture of my outfit to post here. And with that thought in my happened. My ankle rolled. I lurched forward trying to catch my balance and save myself from toppling over, but it was too late. It happened in the blink of an eye but seemed to go in slow motion. I had my house keys in one hand and my empty coffee mug in the other. One of them had to go so that I could try and break my fall with something other than my face. So my coffee mug went flying and my purse went sailing over my head as I let out a yelp and fell down.

It was not graceful.

It was not pretty.

And if any of my neighbors had seen they would have hurried over to make sure I was ok because I landed like a ton of bricks. But none of my neighbors were outside..hallelujah..and I didn't see any blinds being shuffled or bent as I picked myself up. Everyone missed it. Good for me, bad for them..because it probably looked hilarious. I was laughing at myself as I did the walk of shame the rest of the way to my house and promptly texted my husband.

Me:"I just busted my ass walking home"

Jeremy: "LOL (thanks honey), whatd you do"

Me: "I just fell off these stupid wedges"

The knee of my Levi's had a very pretty skid mark on it. Without the jeans there would have been lots and lots of blood. And my wedges, well..their a little scratched up too. The palm of my hand was throbbing and my knee looked like this:

Days later my knee is now a lovely shade of mottled matches my top. The bruising on my pride might take a little longer to heal.


  1. I'm klutzy so I fall often and I make impractical shoe choices! Glad you are ok. I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Seriously laughing "with" you on this one...I am so clutzy and fall often (usually in front of others though)

  3. Oh honey! So sorry! My Hubs hates for me to wear anything but flats b/c I am so clumsy. Seriously though - stick some flats in your bag for next time. :)

  4. ouch! but it sounds really hilarious.