Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grocery Store Ranting

Jeremy and I do our grocery shopping together. We have it down to a pretty good system. Menu, list, coupons. If we had the store to ourselves it would probably only take us 30 minutes to do all of our shopping.

The problem is that we do NOT have the entire store to ourselves. We have to share it with other people...most of them who don't seem to be aware that THEY don't have the store to themselves.

Pet Peeve #1: People who come shopping with their entire family in tow. I'm not talking about the husband and wife who have the cute little baby in the front seat of the cart. I'm talking about the woman who brings all four of her kids..and is there with her sister who brought all three of her kids. That's two adults, at least, and seven least. Since the kids out man the adults, they are running up and down the aisle..or maybe even the NEXT aisle..while the adults either ignore them completely or screech at them from the aisle over.

Pet Peeve #2: Teenagers shopping by themselves. *sigh* Not that I have a lot of room to talk..I use to BE one of those teenagers {I wanna' chester cheeta, ehem..that's another story for another..well, actually I can't remember the whole story so y'all will just have to wonder what the sam hell I'm talking about}. Most of the time they are there will no clear purpose..and thus, just get in my way.

Pet Peeve #3: Driving a grocery cart is just like driving a car. There is a flow in the direction, each way. At the end of aisles you should mentally be throwing on a blinker and WAIT for a chance to merge into on-coming traffic. If you are stuck behind a stalled cart and there isn't a break in traffic coming the other direction you don't get to just wheel around Miss Slow Poke and get in everyone elses have to WAIT YOUR TURN. And you can't be driving your cart in the middle of the 'road', or leave it there to take a closer look at something. That would be like you jumping out of your car to peek into a shop window. It's just not done. One of these days, I'm going to drive my cart the proper way and just let people run into me when they make an illegal turn into my 'lane'. When they give me an ugly look I'm just going to tell them that I really had the right of way.


  1. I can totally relate to this post. I avoid high-traffic times at the grocery store at ALL cost because of this. I don't understand people who park their carts in the middle of the aisle then WALK AWAY!?

  2. I.feel.your.pain...I've always hated grocery shopping and we used to go on Sundays - worst day ever to go! I'm getting better about shopping now that we moved and have a nice, new, wide aisled HEB to go to!! :p

  3. Oh partner in annoying the heck out of everyone else.

  4. so so true. i feel the same way about the mall.

  5. haha I love this! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)