Friday, February 18, 2011

Works in Progress

They had just settled themselves around the conference table when the big screen TV on the wall blinked on.
"Dylan, it's been a while", the man on the screen said, leaning against a table in a workroom. Dylan opened a file in front of him, "Thanks for meeting with us on such short notice, Rene."
"We both know I own you a whole lot more than this little meeting here, yeah?" A meaningful glance passed between the two men. Roxie looked from Dylan back to the TV and wondered how they knew each other. She noticed the gadgets hanging on the wall behind the man and was surprised to see things she recognized. Tools of the trade, her trade, were lined up on display. She took another look at Rene. Why didn't she know who he was when it was obvious he dealt with people of her profession? But he was a stranger to her. And she would have remembered if she had ever meet him. He was good looking and muscly. As if he could read her thoughts, he crossed his arms across his chest making his biceps bulge.
"This is Roxanne Valentine," Dylan indicated to his right. Rene flashed a breathtaking smile. "The Roxanne Valentine?" She inclined her head in acknowledgment. So she didn't know who he was, it was apparent that he knew exactly who she was. "And this is Cookie Lange," Dylan then motioned to his right. "I do love me some cookies, Cher," his cajun accent deepened slightly as his smile turned more sensual. He might as well have licked his lips. Cookie's face flushed a pretty pink color and she ducked her head, but not before Roxie caught her smile. Travis cleared his throat, staring hard at the TV screen, "Can we just get down to business." Dylan raised an eyebrow, "And you remember my brother, Travis, right?'" Rene just gave a self-assured smirk.

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