Thursday, February 24, 2011

Soul Savin' and Stamp Wastin'

I love getting mail...especially fun unexpected mail. So, I was excited when I got home yesterday and there was a hand addressed envelope for me in the mail. My excitement was quickly dashed, however, when I opened it up.

Do y'all know what this is? It's religious propaganda. The first time I was ever handed one of these little booklets I was waiting for a flight at the airport...with my Catholic youth group. I didn't think much of it until I flipped through it only to realize that Catholics were portrayed as Godless heathens. I had to laugh at that.

I am so glad that they explained the slang. Although, surely people who need saving already know what a 'narc' I right? What I'm really curious about is why people seem to think only I need saving. It was only only addressed to me but my husband is just as heathen-ish as I am...if not more so. He DOES listen to that devil music after all.

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