Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day Three of the Great White-Out

We've barely been out of the house, except for work, over the last three days. The one time we ventured to the store we went into a skid on the ice while coming to a stop. Ack! I don't think, in all the time I have lived here (which has been my entire life), that there has ever been ice/snow on the ground for longer than one day. Every thing is still white and/or icy and the novelty of it has worn off. No one knows how to drive in this mess and it hurts my eyes with all the brighty-whiteness. Ugh!

The dogs are restless because there have been no walks. But poor Lola shivers uncontrollably any time we make them go outside for bathroom breaks. During the store which we nearly lost our lives *pause for drama*..I looked for a little doggie sweater but the store didn't have any. Which is funny, because they usually do..when they aren't needed. But here I am needing one and they are no where to be found. Go figure.

So, we are hunkered down. Long sleeve shirts, PJ pants, fuzzy socks and slippers are standard issue these days. The curtains are drawn, pillows piled up against the keep the chill out. Coffee is brewing to help keep the warm IN. Every available blanket has been called into duty.

I'm a Texan..I'm not made for this kind of weather!!! If I don't see some green in the next two days I might go insane.

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  1. Praying for a little global warming to shine down on you!