Friday, December 31, 2010

NYE Fill in the blank Friday

Hey, this looks like fun..Fill in the blank Friday.

1. New Year's is (awesome/lame/other) motivational. No matter how you celebrate it the new year is always a time to reflect on the last year and make great big, brand new shiny goals for the coming year.

2. Last New Year's Eve I was at a party with my husband. I wore a smokin' hot red dress. I drank too much tequila and my Mom drove us home. I don't remember getting to bed.

3. My New Year's resolution don't have any. Have fun? That's a good resolution to make, right?

4. The best way to spend New Year's Eve is doing whatever makes you happy, hopefully that includes some friends and/or family.

5. My prediction for an up-and-coming trend in 2011 is..royal fashion? Haven't you heard? Price Willy is getting married and already everyone is falling over themselves to dress like Kate.

6. This New Year's Eve I will be at home, hosting a WII party with some friends and their kiddo's.

7. A fresh start is just as easy to start today, as tomorrow. If you want to use New Years as a fresh start that is GREAT! But if you fall off the wagon, don't roll around in the mud for too long. Every day is a fresh start, really.


  1. Things like fill in the blank friday are always fun!! :D I'm glad you participated because I love reading your answers.

    A wii party!? Fun stuff! What does that entail?

  2. Well, you get a bunch of people together and laugh yourselves silly as you try and hula hoop, flap your chicken wings, or make a stike in a game of 100-pin bowling.

  3. Hi, sorry but had to comment, I also dod the same thing for New Years Eve and was wondering how many people around the world saw in the New Year by shaking their booty in front of the TV with their friends and neighbours killing themselves laughing!!!