Monday, November 15, 2010

She makes me smile

Last Friday I had to take Duke to the vet. He's been having some itchy skin problems so it was time to get him looked at. Since we are a one car household sometimes getting from point a to point b can be tricky. And in rare cases, not possible, like Friday. So I called my Mother-in-law who was more than willing to give me (and Duke) a ride. Of course that meant my three year old niece, Dolly, would be along as well.

A child's mind amazes me. I can totally understand how being around a three year old (or a bunch of three year olds) all day long could be exhausting. But since I'm not around her all day I find her enchanting and hilarious. Oh the joys of being an Aunt.

So anyways, we are in the exam room with the vet and after a quick look-me-over, the vet decides to give Duke a shot of something or other. Now Dolly, who had been chattering along and moving here to there came close to the table and watched over the edge in silence as the vet gave Duke his shot. And once the vet left she looked at my Mother-in-law and says, in only a way a three year old could, 'He didn't even cry, Nanny'.

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