Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Favorite Movies

I love my movies to be dramatic with just a splash of reality. I LOVE happy endings and can be quite peeved when a movie ends badly. Jeremy would laugh at me and tell me, 'it's like real life..and life doesn't always have a happily ever after'. Yeah well..I go to the movies to ESCAPE real life, not watch a remake of real life on the big screen.

The previews for the feel good, sort of girly-girl movies always intrigue me but I don't usually end up seeing them in the theatre. No, the movies that catch my interest are usually sci-fi, suspense, spy, shot em up, big boom type movies. Or I like movies that are just entertaining..not too deep..just cute and/or funny. Right now I want to see Red, Life as We Know It, Due Date. I have my eye on Skyline and Hereafter. I don't know about those two..but the previews have me curious.

But my go-to favorite movies are:

The Fifth Element. Its a little campy, but I still LOVE it. And the fact that it's a sci-fi, shot em up, big (bada) boom movie WITH a love story WWWIIITTTHH a happy ending?! Yes please.

The Count of Monte Cristo. Great story. I did read the book, its a classic but I love the action of the movie. And the casting was great.

The Matrix. The first movie is my absolute favorite. The others were just ok..as sequels tend to be. Again...sci-fi, suspense, shot em up with a love story. I'm a sucker!

Dude, Where's My Car? That's right, I love this stupid movie. Jeremy and I love to throw out quotes from this movie. AAAAnnndddd then? No and then!


  1. I love girly movies as well, but wouldn't watch them in cinema. It's a waste really: these are the movies meant to be enjoyed in the comfort of your bed/couch with a cup of hot chocolate :P

    I recently saw RED: very good. I can't recommend it enough :)

  2. are you aware that the city for which I work is the EXACT location of Dude, Where's My Car? ALSO the same city as Kicking & Screaming with Will Ferrell and the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
    You need to get here. And bring that boy of yours.

  3. Jen, it really was?! Wonder if we could find out where the Chinese food place is and go through..lol