Sunday, October 31, 2010


When my sister was born, I told my parents that it was a good thing she was a girl. Because if she had been a boy I was going to trade him in for a puppy.

My sister was born singing. Singing in the tub, singing the in backseat, singing while playing goalie for her soccer team. She would sing even if she didn't know all the words. She would just sing what she did know over and over and over.

My sister is bigger than life. She has a smile that rivals the sun. She has a laugh that is contagious.

My sister was meant to be on the stage. Sometimes I think she should have been the Leo in this family. I always feel so proud to watch her perform.

My sister is a goof ball. She is just about the only one that I can be a total goober with. The two of us together usually equals very LOUD silliness that leads to crying from laughing so hard.

My sister is fearless. She is a world traveler. She is a go-getter. She makes her own path.

Now that we are older, my sister is my secret keeper. There are many a conversation that ends with 'don't tell Mom' (Mom, we usually end up telling you...when we are ready). My sister is my fellow fashionista. It's not unusual to get and send picture texts from dressing rooms. She car dances with me. We swap recipes and animal care tips. She is my best Seester.

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