Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. ~Mignon McLaughlin

I love weddings. There is something so very powerful about being in that almost silent moment of the bride and groom holding hands, staring into each others eyes, making all sort of promises with their words and their hearts. Being at a wedding makes me have hope for the world. It can't all be so bad when there is this..all this hope and love filling up a room.

My best friend, Jennifer, got married this last weekend. It was beautiful, intimate, sweet, hopeful, and full of love. So much love that I could hardly keep myself from crying through the entire evening...even after the actual wedding was done. My heart was..and is..so full of love for them and hope for their future.

Watching them together, I can see what a good match they are. Jennifer has never been the type to need a man to take care of everything. She is pretty independent and capable of handling the normal day to day tasks. But there is just something about having someone..someone good..around you every day to help shoulder the load. She smiles so much easier now. And Josh is just a bunch of nice. A little scatterbrained in the most adorable way, but absolutely dependable where and when it counts.

He is a good man.

She is a good woman.

And they found each other. In this big, crazy, sometimes ugly world we live in two people found each other and made something good.

Which is a miracle. A true to goodness miracle. A beautiful, lovely, hopeful, happy miracle.

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