Saturday, June 19, 2010

Things That Make Me Laugh

1. About a month ago, Jeremy and I walked around the corner and down the street to grab something to eat at the Cork and Pig. We were sitting at one of the patio tables outside when I happened to spot my friend Katie with her husband and son. The had been bowling which is a quick walk across a few parking lots and decided to grab some food. I went over to visit with them for a second before they went inside to eat and I went back to our table.

Well, Katie also happens to be a hair dresser and a few weeks ago I went to see her to get my bangs trimmed (I was about to take scissors to them myself..they were making me crazy). While I was in her chair she told me that when they were walking up to the restaurant he noticed Jeremy but didn't recognize me (because of the weight loss) until I had gone over to say hi.

So, he thought Jeremy was out with another woman.

2. This last week at work the computer guy at Jeremy's work came to him, leaned close and in a low voice asked him:

'How old is your wife?'

Jeremy told him I was about to turn 30....why?

'Oh, never mind then. I was on Hot or Not last night and I saw a girl with the same know it's not a very common spelling. And well, I just thought that if it was your wife than we really needed to talk.'

Jeremy and I were both so curious about what his co-worker saw that we went to Hot or Not ourselves and tried to find some girl named 'Jinny'. To our disappointment, I couldn't find any. I wanted to know what picture he saw that made him SO concerned. lol. Was the girl doing something scandalous in the picture? Showing off her ta-ta's? Dancing on a pole? Was she at least cute?! I guess we will never know.

So, he thought I was trolling for dates on

All that drama..and I THOUGHT we were just a normal, boring old married couple.

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