Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crazy Ass Weekend

So, I went to Dallas for the weekend to visit my sister. For Christmas, she gave me tickets to see the Black Eyed Peas and the concert was on Friday night. I took the day off so I could head up there and not have to rush. And the drive up there was great..no traffic..sunny skies.

Me and my Seester!

Mila Meow Meow

First things first, we HAD to go to Yogurtland. So, we headed right back out the door to go get some yogurt. For under $3.00 you get a lot of yogurt and toppings. Love that place!

And then we went to Wal-mart. You see, I've been trying to purchase a new point and shoot camera. I looked here in town at our Best Buy, unimpressed with the selection I went to OUR Wal-mart. I might have found something but there were two silly teenage girls hanging around the camera display taking pictures of themselves with the displayed cameras. *eye roll* I did all the other shopping I could, even tried on some things, and when I went back they were still there. So I left. ANYWAY, I thought while I was in Dallas surely I could find a little point and shoot camera somewhere. That's how we ended up at Wal-mart. But even here there was a couple already there and the girl was asking ALL kinds of questions from the sales person..like 'what colors do you have?' and 'which one is more likely to break?' In the meantime I found a camera I wanted, so we were just waiting for the sales person to finish with the other couple. My sister jacked with a camera and set off an alarm. So..there I was in a Dallas Wal-mart with an annoying girl asking stupid questions and the alarm going off waiting for the sales person to be free. And when she WAS free and I told her which camera I wanted...she told me 'Oh, we don't have that one'.

Are you freakin' kidding me? *hugh sigh*

I ended up getting a camera at another Best Buy the next day. Thank goodness. Who knew it would be so difficult?

The concert was awesome! I never chair danced so hard in my life. Ludacris opened for the Black Eyed Peas and some of his songs can be a little...dirty. lol. And there was this family sitting in front of us with a little boy. I was like 'Cover his eyes! Cover his ears!' but then he started SINGING the songs. Ooooookkk. I guess he's heard it all before then. My wedding ring slipped right off my finger as I was "gesturing" and thankfully it went right in my sisters lap. Even though it was kind of scary we couldn't stop laughing. I was teasing her to lean over the balcony and make friends with the people sitting below us because those were the fancy-schmancy suites and then we could watch the show down from down there. She wouldn't do it but we seem to think it was hilarious that we would have HAD to make friends with them if my ring had gone flying over the edge. I WOULD show y'all pictures but they are all on my sister's camera and she hasn't posted them yet (hint hint, Sister).

After the beautiful weather on Friday, it was freakin' freezing on Saturday. What is up with that? Raining all day...to turn into snow that evening. And on the first day of Spring. That's just not right! We went in-door rock climbing with my aunt. My sister really enjoys doing this and it's a great workout. For my first time I think I did ok, especially considering I had a mild panic attack right about here:

My sister and aunt, on the other hand, didn't seem to have a problem.

That evening we went to dinner with my friend, Julia. She lives in Denton so we don't get to see other very often. We've been friends for a long time and I always love when I get to see her. She came bearing gifts..she gave me a pair of black and brown earrings. You see, she does NOT approve of wearing black and brown together but she wanted me to know that she supported ME in MY wearing black and brown at the same time. lol. I can't wait to wear them, maybe I will tomorrow.

I could NOT believe my eyes when I woke up on Sunday morning and it was STILL snowing. GGRRR! Stupid Texas weather. It never snows when it's suppose to..like Christmas. It was a little scary on the roads for a bit, especially going over bridges and with snow falling off of people's car as they whizzed by. But about 30 minutes into my drive, when I hit the Interstate, the snow was all gone and the streets were dry. I thought, 'Alright! It's getting better!' and then I hit traffic. It was stand still for about an hour before everyone was detoured OFF the Interstate. I read yesterday that a semi-truck had flipped and crushed another car. So, I had a little detour and finally got BACK on the Interstate just to run into a little more traffic about an hour outside of Abilene. *groan* At least it wasn't snowing.

After six hours in the car, I FINALLY made it home. It was by far the WORST drive home ever. But, it was a really great weekend. And now its time for the BIG count down..until HAWAII!!!

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