Monday, November 9, 2009

There goes the neighborhood

Screeching tires is not something you want to wake up to and 1:30 in the morning. But that's what I was hearing this morning as my husband leaped out of bed to look out the window. 'What the hell was that?', he said as he hurried out of the bedroom to check it out. I hadn't bothered to get up..not yet anyways. I heard the front door open and screen door slam and I waited..and listened. When he didn't come back in I started to worry just a little. I propped myself up in bed peering down the hallway. Please tell me someone didn't steal our car...that's what I was thinking. When he finally came back inside he wasn't cussing. I took that as a very good sign and laid back down. He came into the room and turned on the light. 'AAAgghhh, what's going on?' I exclaimed as I threw my hands over my eyes. He didn't even warn me! He was searching for a shirt to put on as he sort of mumbled something about a hit and run and someone chasing down someone else. And then he was out the front door again. What the....

I laid there for a few minutes in the dark...he was nice enough to turn the light back out before leaving again. But then I started thinking about some drunk crazy person being out there with my boxer wearing husband so I got up to peek out the window. There was a truck in the middle of our street with the driver side door open, but no one was in it. I also saw that there were other neighbors outside. Ok, so I didn't have to worry about him being out there all alone with a drunk crazy person. I got back in bed and laid there in the dark some more. I hear muffled voices and I hear more cars driving down our street. I get back up and look out the window again. I see a cop car show up, and then another, and then ANOTHER. There is now a nice little group of neighbors hanging out in the street, including my boxer wearing husband. I see a police officer bang on the door of our next door neighbors. I don't wait to see if anyone answers. Back to the street, police officer one is examining the truck while police number two is looking at another vehicle..a sports car parked in front of the next door neighbors house. They are new to the street, college kids. And they've already had a few rowdy parties so I got back into bed thinking it was one of their drunk friends.

About an hour later my husband comes back inside and gets back in bad. 'What happened?', I ask him. It turns out that there was a party at a house down the street...the kids are underage as far as I know. The truck was driven by someone leaving this party, they found an opened and half full can of beer inside, which came down the street and slammed into the sports car. The truck hit the little car so hard that it busted the front axle, making it the driver ditched it. Just left the driver door wide open and took off down the street. That's who my husband saw running away when he first looked out the window. There was another truck parked in front of the sports car and thank goodness, because if it hadn't been there the sports car would have been in our front yard.

The police ran the plates and called the owners, who have a teenager but claims he was home all night (sure) and that the truck had been stolen...except they never reported it stolen. Uh-huh. And this use to be such a nice quiet street.

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