Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kids say...

Last week two of Jeremy's aunts drove down from PA and VA for a week long visit. The two of them, along with my in-laws, had a grand old time hanging out and shopping for souvenirs at the Wal-mart. Can you tell that their visits don't happen very often?

Anyway, you know when you get together with someone that has a great sense of humor? How something can start and turn into something else and the whole thing can carry on all day long? Well, something like that happened which ended with Aunt Lisa buying my Mother-in-law two pair of neon colored thong underwear. Don't ask! Because I don't know. Probably one of those 'you had to be there' moments. I LOVE those moments.

So last Wednesday, when we were out there for dinner, my Mother-in-law still had the underwear out (still on the hanger with the tags on) and my 7-year-old nephew picks them up and shows them to me. He turns them to the back and says 'Look at these' and I was all 'yeah..isn't that funny' and he says 'These things are going to get lost in Nanny's butt!'

Everyone bust out laughing, even my Mother-in-law. I love that kid!

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