Sunday, October 25, 2009

Window Shopping

I went window shopping Friday night. I really just needed to get out of the house for a little bit. No better way than to go and browse. I wasn't intending to buy anything..this was a no-buying trip, but as I was walking out the door my husband told me I could spend a little something if I found anything I wanted. Ah, how nice.

I went to the mall first and walked all over, but my main goal was to look at cocktail dresses. I'm thinking about New Year's Eve. And because of my success in the weight loss department I thought I might treat myself to a really smokin' cocktail dress. I thought I would check Dillards first. Dillards is really not a place I have ever shopped at. It has always either been out of my price range or out of my size range. But since I'm rewarding myself here, I thought I'd go take a look. I have to say I was very disappointed in their selection. Nothing even caught my eye enough to check the price tag. And something else that sort of confused was very LOUD in Dillards. Every where I went there were this little TV's playing music videos...but all different in genre. So, it was like being bombarded with noise, and flashing tv screens, and PERFUME. Also, there were people everywhere..just hanging Dillards. Very strange.

I left there and went to JC Pennys. I did find two dresses to try on there, very cute with some alterations (which, I've come to realize, might just be my new fashion reality). I put them back since I'm not ready to buy anything yet, but it was nice to know there is something out there..even if its not at Dillards. I also went to Old Navy. Tried on a few things from the sales rack. Nothing really caught my eye, but nearly everything I took in the dressing room was too big. Nice, but frustrating since I don't really know what size I am right now.

I ended my evening at Ross. I spent most of my time in the shoe department. To say this store isn't set up for browsing is an understatement..especially in the shoe department. There are shoes all over the floor. There are size 10's in the 6 1/2 section. They DO have benches at the end of the aisles to sit and try things on..but most of them are covered in shoes. Or if you find one to sit on, just hope that no one needs to get past you with a cart to look at the comforter sets that are right in front of you. I had to stand up..with my purse in one hand, my shoe and sock in the other, teetering on one high heel shoe that was too small for me..while this woman passed by me with her cart to look at the comforter sets...TWICE! Geez! I left there without getting anything either.

My husband was SHOCKED that I didn't find anything I liked enough to bring home.

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