Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Memory Trunk

It's surprising how much memory is built around things unnoticed at the time. ~Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams

For as long as I can remember I've had a memory trunk. What's a memory trunk? You mean, you don't have one too? My memory trunk has been filled with all sorts of important (and maybe not so important) things from my childhood.

Baby clothes. Photos. Diaries. Sea shells. Blankets. Newspaper clippings. Trophies.

You name it, it's in there. Some things my Mom put in there for me and over time I added things of my own. My memory trunk was in my room when I lived at home and, of course, I brought it with me when I moved out. A few weeks ago my Mom let me have her old cedar chest. I decided that it was time for me to 'upgrade' my memory trunk and moved everything into the new cedar chest.

The dress my Grandma made me when I had to play the part of Martha Washington in the 1st grade.

My First Communion outfit. The top picture is my tiara and veil and the bottom is a detail of my dress. My Grandma made me my Communion dress.

Two of my dairies. I think I have three in total. Only one of them is full.

A teddy bear my Grandma made me (are you seeing a trend here? I love my Grandma). My sister has one too.

I wasn't always Just Jinny. lol. This book is filled to bursting with photos and birthday cards glued to colored construction paper.

My bronzed baby shoes.

My Grandma made me this blanket before I was even born. My Mom has a picture of her opening this gift at her baby shower. Some of the fabric pieces have fallen off and it is very worn, but I love it very much.

My little ballet shoes. I didn't participate in many dance classes, that I can remember, but I must have been very fond of ballet at one point.

I think this lovely ballerina was in a music box at one point.

The cake topper from my parents wedding.

I might not be able to tell you the story behind every little thing in my memory trunk. Some of the memories have faded away. But, I still love every piece that I have in there. This time around, I added my wedding book. I can't wait to add even more..or even better, start a memory trunk for my own child.


  1. So sweet, i love this post!
    My mom is a pack rat therefore I have boxes and boxes of goodies that are not organized into one nice trunk :) But I think it's soooo wonderful that you have all these keepsakes!

  2. Aw, I love memory boxes. I found mine recently in our travel trailer. I had packed it away while evacuating for a hurricane.

    Loved browsing through your memories. Thanks for sharing. :)