Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dog Parks

I know that dog parks are not really a new concept anymore. Lots of cities have them. I read blogs every day about people taking their dogs to them. But here in west Texas we are always just a little behind the times. We don't currently have an off-lease dog park.

My husband and I have both said how much we would enjoy having one. I think our dogs would love to have the opportunity to run around off their leash and play with other dogs. Of course, I'm too nervous to allow them off their leashes at the normal parks..especially Lola, because she's bad. lol. Duke does ok, but it would be better if we had a park that was fenced. Then maybe I could relax a little.

In the paper today there was a story about our local SPCA pushing for the funds to create a doggie park here. I was so excited to hear that someone was trying to get something started. Of course, I think the funds still need to be raised. And all the details need to be hammered out. So right not its just an idea, just on paper, and it could very well stall or hit a brick wall. As nice as this little part of west Texas is, the people are a bit set in their ways and are sometimes unresponsive to change. So, we shall see.

However, even the idea of a dog park got me thinking. I've never been to one so I'm not sure how they work exactly. Do you just trust that the other people that bring their dogs have dogs that well play nice with all dogs? I think that's what I worry about most. We had a bad experience with my brother-in-laws dog going after Duke and biting him on the neck. That dog had never really shown any indication that it had a problem with Duke in the past..he just attacked Duke one day. So...I'm a llliittttlle leery about my poor, timid Duke being out among the masses.

So, tell me about YOUR dog parks. What are they like? Do most of the dogs play well with other dogs?

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  1. The dog park near our house has times posted for small dogs and times for large. I've never seen dogs fight there. It's neutral territory, so most will just play or ignore, whichever suits them. My dog LOVES to play, so he's always pursuing the other dogs until he finds one that will run around with him. :)