Friday, April 10, 2009

My own march madness

I realized today that I didn't really post about ANYTHING that went on last month. Maybe that's because there was A LOT of stuff going on. Ok, I just went back to look at all my posts last month. There were more than I thought, but I still wasn't really talking about what was going on.

~ I worked 45.5 hours of overtime last month. I am trying very hard to remain grateful for my job. I mean, I AM grateful for my job. But, I am SICK of my job. Ok, ok..I'm really just tired of work. Ready for my normal ol' eight hour days to be back.

~ My period was late. It caused a slight stir of excitement for both Jeremy and me. We were both rather bummed when it showed up.

~ We spent a long weekend in San Antonio at the beginning of March. It was a fabulous weekend, with good food and good company. And, we went to see Jeff Dunham. It was a really great show!

~ I mentioned the pictures I took for our anniversary. That was in the works through out March. It was very tricky to coordinate all of that without the hubs knowing about it.

~ Jeremy was having some serious teeth issues. There was an inflamed abscess, a yo-yo fever, several trips to the dentist, a visit to our family doctor, and a visit to the ER. That was the first time we have ever decided to go to the ER. He missed nearly an entire week of work. He was tired and hurting, I was tired and worried. It was very stressful. I'm happy to report that all the teeth issues have been resolved.

~ We bought a new set of mattresses. This is the first brand new set we have ever owned as a couple. It was such a thrill to be able to go and buy and PAY IT IN FULL. I love my new mattress! I sleep much better and have a lot less aches and pains in the morning..because really, I'm MUCH too young for that.


  1. my bf is going through serious teeth issues right now. i feel for ya!

    i'll pretend not to be jealous that you saw jeff dunham.

  2. Hi! I found your blog through 20 something bloggers (i'm still pending approval there :) but your blog caught my eye out of the people in Tx! I'll definitely be back to read some more! I'm new to blogging in general and am loving the new bloggy friends!

    PS my bf is having major teeth problems too. Poor guys! :( Hope yours is doing better.

  3. Hi, Just came across your blog - browsing - you know how it is! Anyway - some day I too hope to be able to buy our very own new mattress! I was just wondering what kind you got? I also am very overweight, and so far we are still using a very good "second hand" mattress, but would sure love to buy a new one too, but it seems there are so many to chose from it would be hard to pick! if you would be willing to share what you found out, I would love to hear from you - thanks!

    Diane - from Michigan