Thursday, April 2, 2009

101 things in 1001 days - Review

I have a little under two years to finish my list. I thought it would be a good idea to review the list and try and plan (loosly) to get something of the things done.

So, here are the things I still have left to do.

1. Go to Enchanted Rock . This could easily be a day trip, it's just a matter of going.

2. Spend the night at our state park. Again, just a matter of going and doing it. It's sort of crazy that we have a state park and yet never go to it.

3. Go to Oktoberfest. This could be a day trip, but considering how many adult beverages would be probably be consumed...better to just stay the night.

4. Go to Texas Renaissance Festival . Ok ok, I know y'all are sitting there...scoffing at how cheesy this is. My husband was the SAME way before we went. We've only been once and it was a wonderful time. And really, the place is too big for just one visit. There was tons of stuff we didn't get to see.

5. Take a second honeymoon to Corpus Christi. Next April will be our 10 year anniversary. I figured that was a perfect time for a second honeymoon.

6. Go to a sandcastle contest.

7. Visit the Hummingbird house. You have to call and make an appointment. Which I didn't know when I put it on my list. I still want to go, but we'll see how it works.

8. Go to the museum.

9. Go to the rodeo.

10. Sew a 'damn it' doll

11. Give the 'damn it' doll to someone that needs it

12. Re-plant the back flower bed. I'm thinking we should just fill it up with a bunch of iris blubs. We do great with them...they are hard to kill. - DONE

13. Paint the house. *sigh* This has been on the agenda for a while now. I have a few ideas of what I would like. That might have to be another post.

14. Get a new glass door for the front door. Nothing special, just a nice solid glass door. It's a screen door right now.

15. Pick my own peaches. I've heard it's really not that fun, but I want to try it anyway.

16. Visit the Circle E Candle Factory

17. Drive the Willow City Loop, which would be great to help with the next item.

18. Get a picture of the wild Texas bluebonnets

19. Hang Christmas lights on the house. Can you believe we have lived in this house for years without buying a ladder to get on the roof?

20. Try planting something in the front flower beds. I have a few problems with our front flower beds. 1) They are right up against the house and get NO sun. And I do mean none. So, it's been difficult to find anything that will grow there. 2) The neighborhood cats use them as a litter box and trash can. Short of harming the cats, we don't know how to keep them out of the beds. ANY SUGGESTIONS ON EITHER PROBLEM? - DONE. WE'LL SEE IF ANYTHING GROWS.

21. Buy one matching pair of bra and panties. Oh la la. ha ha.

22. Visit someplace with a whole lot of snow on the ground. Probably Colorado, we loved it there..but there was no snow when we went for a visit.

23. Put our wedding picture negatives on CD's. I have negatives. Yeah, that's old school.

24. Fly a kite. Just because it would be fun..and outside.

25. Visit the farmers market. I've never been but I would like to go and see what is offered.

26. Go to 10 restaurants that I've never been to before in town. I've been to two so far. Um, I'm not sure there are 8 more that I haven't already been to. What was I thinking?

27. Attend a sporting event.

28. Learn sign language, or try. I don't have to be fluent.

29. Make myself a piece of jewelry.

30. Hang another birdfeeder in the back yard. It's getting to the point where its a necessity. The birds in our backyard empty the one we have in an afternoon. - DONE. THANKS, MOM!

31. PRIVATE ~ ha ha..I have got to hurry up and do this. Not a big thing, but Jeremy will think its funny.

32. Get a small tattoo. At this point, I'm thinking if I ever end up getting another tattoo its not going to be small.

31. Be nice to myself for a full day (0/5). I might just give this one up. I'm pretty nice to myself on a faitly daily basis.

32. Go see Kidd Kraddick live.

33. Go to the planetarium

34. Buy six 'Heart Sings' bracelets and give them away to friends. Uh-oh, just checked the site for a link..they might not sell the bracelets anymore.

35. Spend an evening at D'vine wines. They have a great peach wine.

36. Have a dinner party with Mom & Megan. The trick is figuring when they can both be in the same place, at the same time, for more than 30 minutes, AND cooking something they will both eat.

37. Print and frame one of my own photos.

38. Go bowling. I don't know why we don't do it more often.- DONE, THANKS, MEGAN!

39. Find a geocache.

40. Visit the Lost Maples Park

41. Obtain a hammock for the backyard.

42. Buy a new stove.

43. Buy new pillows.

44. Take Mack to Sea World. We might do that this summer.

45. Buy a new blender.

46. Feed the ducks.

47. Go to the Texas State Fair. I hear the people watching is out of this world.

48. Try a fried twinkie while I'm there.

49. Buy at least one more classic Disney movie. We have a small collection going.

50. Get an ice cream cake for my birthday.

51. Ride a horse.

52. Stay in a treehouse for a night.

53. Visit Jocie and Travis.

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