Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rockstar Photo Shoot

Ok so, I told the story of Jeremy and his guitar yesterday, right? I decided that I needed some photographic evidence of Jeremy's new baby to go with it so I grabbed my camera. I took a few pictures of just the guitar in its stand. But it just wasn't...good enough. I wasn't getting the energy I wanted. It was just sitting there. lol. I told Jeremy to grab it and let me take some pictures.

I was imagining this:

But instead I got this:

When I told him that he wasn't giving me what I wanted, I got this:

I told him to channel the spirit of James Hetfield, I mean, the dude's picture is plasted all over this room. Again, what was in my head:

And what I got:

Ok, a little better..I guess. By this time I'm standing up on the chair and telling to work it! Get angry! Growl for me! He can hardly keep a straight face and I am laughing so hard I am crying:

Finally I get this:

HHmmm, let's compare. Yep, I'd say he was right on:


  1. I LOVE IT! SO MUCH FUN! thanks for the giggles.
    have a great weekend!

  2. I LOVE IT! Your photos and commentary are both great!