Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've been a bad blogger..

I know..I know! I'm sorry! Can y'all forgive me? I've been sidetracked..distracted..bamboozled! lol. I have a side project going on right now and this last month has been used for basically tweeking it and getting it up and running.

I've been spending my time over at my other website Two Phat Chicks. It's a pretty big deal for me right now. I am determined to lose some weight. And no, this is not a new years resolution. I don't really do those. I just happened to have the money (from Christmas) to get back on weight watchers and to pay for a domain subscription. I have a vision of myself, healthier and skinnier. And I need to get there.

So, I've been wrapped up in new recipes, healthier snack ideas, exercising, and battling the cravings for this or that. I have NOT forgotten about this place. I just have nothing of any substance to report. I've barely picked up my camera this month, sadly. I promise to do better next month...or the month after that. I'll be doing some traveling in March that I am really excited about. We are going to see Jeff Dunham in San Antonio and I'm hoping to attend a Postsecrets event in Lubbock.

Until I get my groove back over here please fill free to check in over at Two Phat Chicks to see what I am up to over there.

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