Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas - Part I

I guess I could post some Christmas pictures. It's not like I don't have a gazillion. I've just been lazy and sort of busy, but mostly lazy.

Ah, technology. It always amazes me how far its come and the things we can do with it. This year we used my cousins laptop to connect with his two brothers that could not be here for the holidays.

My Grandma gave out her traditional gag gifts. Uncle Gary got one because he parked in front of the wrong house and wondered why his garage door opener wasn't working..meanwhile, a few houses down, my aunt is wondering what is wrong with the garage door as it kept opening and closing. lol. And my sister got one because she seems to have the worst luck with tires and she didn't own a proper lug wrench
Of course, there is always a lot of laughter and silliness.

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  1. Love the pics-they remind me of our crazy family with the gag gifts.