Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All you need is good head

I get up early. Very early. Probably earlier than I need to, but we won't go looking to deeply at my reasoning. It seems to work for me, so I'm sticking to it. Even though I choose to get up as early as I do, sometimes the only thing that drags me out of that bed is the thought of a nice hot shower.

Until recently.

My shower very nearly turned me into a naked sobbing mess in the corner of my tub. Not a pretty sight..not at all. We've had on and off issues with the water temp and the water pressure since we've lived here, but nothing as bad as recently. The water coming from my shower head turned into a trickle. Much like this.

Imagine me..very tired..up at the crack of dawn...trying to shower in that. I was nearly plastered to the wall just trying to rinse all the soap off my body. It made for many a miserable morning showers. I nagged at Jeremy. Fix it! Please?! PLEASE! He thought it might just be the cold weather. I wasn't convinced considering it wasn't affecting any of the other faucets. Neither one of us wanted to consider the idea that it might be the piping. Please Lord, do not make us go under the house or in the wall to replace pipes..because in this house, once you start repairs there is no stop until it's ALL been replaced...usually to the tune of lots of money.

So, I did a quick google search under 'how to improve water pressure'. Sure enough one of the first links offered talked about cleaning the filter on your shower head and possibly removing the water flow regulator thingy. I mentioned it to Jeremy and he was game. We, meaning he, took the shower head off and cleaned the filter. Put it back change. Dang it! After that we started to think that maybe the whole shower head needed to be replaced. Yeah! That's the ticket. A short trip to Wal-mart and TA-DA! It was like giving my shower Viagra!!!

For the last few mornings, I have been showering in heaven.

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