Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm still alive!

I know I sort of fell off the edge of the blogsphere the last week. The days just whizzed on by. I had overtime every single day last week except for Christmas (which I still don't have to work, thankfully). And there were still presents to wrap, and cookies to bake, and friends to entertain, and movies to see, and AND...more stuff!


Even with all the activity of the last week Christmas sort of just came and went very quietly. It wasn't a bad Christmas, just an understated one. My Mom made me banana pancakes like she always does on Christmas. And of course they tasted so delicious! It's one of the biggest highlights to my Christmas. She gave me the newest edition of Photoshop Elements. I'm still messing around with it, trying to learn how to use it. And she gave Jeremy a new grill! We bought steaks and hamburgers at the store this weekend just so we have an excuse to use it.

Jeremy and I kept it low-key for each other. He gave me the cutest pair of house slippers that actually say CUTE across the top of them. lol. AND, he bought me two romance novels. Yes, he went into a book store..alone..and bought two romance novels. AAAANNNDDD, he actually read the backs of them to see if I would like them. Y'all, if that ain't love then I do not know what is! I gave him the new Madden 09 because he enjoys living out his football fantasies on the playstation. lol.

We have a new years eve party to go to tomorrow night. This will be the first new years eve we have actually gone out in a very, very long time. We were trying to remember the last new years eve that we spent out. The only one I could think of is when we went to Mexico and that was before we were married. Do y'all know how strange it is to count down to the new year in a small, under-lit, packed with a bunch of underage american kids, mexician bar? No? Well, I do. And all I can say about it is that iron doors are very dangerous. But, that's another story for another time. Anyway, I found a super cute dress at Ross for the party. Here's a sneak peak:

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  1. Oooh shiny!

    I rarely go out on new years too...precisely for that reason - stupid college kids ;-)