Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little Miss Scatterbrained

"Nothing is more conducive to peace of mind than not having any opinion at all." ~ G.C. Lichtenberg

My mind is a mushy-mash of a gazillion different thoughts right now. It's hard to keep one thing in my head for long before its replaced by something else. I feel so rushed this time of year and not just because of the holidays. The days seem so much shorter with the dark coming sooner. Too many things to do and not enough day light to do them in.

~ I'm becoming increasingly apprehensive about Thanksgiving with my Dad. I don't know why. I have stage fright. I panic. I'm awkward! Should I hug him or shake his hand? What will we talk about? Will the whole event be tense? I'm sure my sister would be laughing at me right now. She doesn't seem to worry about this stuff. Of course she wouldn't, she's an actress..she can get herself through anything with a smile on her face.

~ I'm trying very hard not to let myself get stressed about Christmas. Worrying about what to get everyone. I'm feeling the pressure of getting the 'biggest and the best' gifts, especially for my nieces and nephew. And that makes me mad at myself because that's exactly what I HATE about the season. So, I'm trying to unplug myself from the Holiday Hype and re-evaluate my gift list. More expensive is not always better. MORE is not always better. That's what I keep telling myself.

~ I have no more time off to take at work (yeah, even my full week...its gone). It's my own stupid fault that I don't have any more vacation time to take. I fully understand that. But, I'm counting down the days until Thanksgiving just to get away from work. Note to self: MUST budget vacation time better next year...for real this time.

~ Back to the whole Christmas thing. I want a new Christmas tree AND new decorations. I've sort of, kind of mentioned it to Jeremy but I don't know if he's on board. Besides, we still have to get those gifts taken care of first. I don't know WHY I want to change my tree up. We have a red and gold themed tree and it's been that way for about five years now. It's pretty, I just get bored with things. *sigh* It will probably have to wait...and I guess that's ok.

~ Photo Christmas cards. I want to do something funny. Can't seem to nail down an idea. No time. And Jeremy..well..he tolerates my crazy ideas.
But, he is a little too reserved for the hijinks I have in mind. Or at least thats the feeling I'm getting. He keeps saying he doesnt care..whatever I want..but I sense the 'I really dont want tos' in there. The only solutions I see are scrapping the photo cards all together or getting Jeremy drunk enough to loosen up a little bit.


  1. Let's get him drunk!!!!!! I saw the perfect book at Barnes and Noble for you. It was this book of crazy christmas cards that people have done with photo editing. They were great. What's funny is I thought of this photo when I was looking through it.

    On another note, you're right up there. Expensive and more aren't always better. Follow your quote from your "My Christmas LIst" post on the 9th! =)

  2. We could get him a little drunky before we shoot! LOL. I'm down.

    No worries. You'll be with me. No worries.