Monday, October 13, 2008

Football Delusions...Part II

"Who can hope to be safe? who sufficiently cautious? Guard himself as he may, every moment's an ambush." ~ Horace

And now, it's time for part II of my interview with my husband. Hopefully,(crossing my fingers...and toes...and EYES) this will be the last interview we have to conduct concerning football injuries.

Hey honey.
Hey hot stuff.

How's your finger?
It's broken.

Does it hurt?
Not right now.

How did you end hurting your finger?
Wwwweeellll...I went outside to talk to Stuart..who is still a douche bag, by the way.

And the guys were playing football again.

Didn't you learn your lesson the first time?
I tried.

I see. Go on.
So, I was talking to Stuart and Chapito.

Hold on. You work with a guy name Chapito?
He's name is Chapo.

Yes, which is also his Dad's name. But since he is little Chapo, everyone calls him Chapito.

I see. Continue.
So Chapito threw the football and it was coming right for my head. So, I put my hand up to block it.

Why didn't you just move?
I don't know! You don't think about those things.

I do too think about those things.
Well, when you have the reflexes of a tiger you don't have to think about those things.

I bet tigers don't walk around with broken fingers.
Have you ever seen a tiger?

HEY..I'm asking the questions here. put your hands up to block it..and?
The ball bounced off my finger.

Like you bounced off the bubble wrap?

So, what did the doctor say THIS time?
She said she wasn't sure, but she thought I might have fractured it. So, she scheduled me an appointment with an orthapedic doctor the next day. And yes, it IS broken.

And so you have to wear a finger splint?

All the time?
I don't have to wear it in the shower.

I bet thats fun.
Ohhhh yeah *said sarcastically*

And will the splint fix the finger?
*sigh* We can only hope.

Ok, did you learn your lesson THIS time?
Probably not *laughs*

*sigh* Why do I love you much?
Cause you would be bored without me...and I make you laugh.

Dang straight.

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  1. He'll never learn, he's a man. But it's OK, because life would be boring without their craziness sometimes. :)