Friday, October 17, 2008

Everyone needs a good Fork

“A historical romance is the only kind of book where chastity really counts.” ~ Barbara Cartland quotes

So, everyone knows how much I enjoy reading romance novels. I get a few monthly emails regarding new releases. I generally just scan over them to see if anything catches my eye. Well, I am talking to my friend Kim on the phone, I come across this book in one of those emails.

Me: Listen to this romance book's title. Knight's Fork.

Kim: Night as is N I G H T?

Me: No, Knight as in Knight in shining armor.

*both of us are laughing*

Me: I can't see a reason why I would ever pick this book up at the store. Except to maybe read the back to try and figure out what its about.

Kim: Well, maybe it's geared towards fat women. Hey, you can't beat romance AND food all in one book.

*I'm cracking up with laughter*


  1. LOL! You ladies are funny, and so is Rowena Cherry, who has poked fun at her own book. For instance, she has posted TEN REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BUY KNIGHT'S FORK on her myspace blog. A sample:

    6. The heroine is locked in a chastity belt, and she doesn't have a key

    This book is full on double entendre and chess puns. It's funny and hot. I don't recommend it if you prefer dry, depressing reads.


  2. Okay. What does Barbara Cartland have to do with it?

  3.'s a Chess Term. And why would you judge a book by a title? It's not a historical, and "geared toward fat women"...not sure where that comment came from.

    I have read the book and found it very fun and well worth the time and money.

  4. 4. If you read in bed, your significant other might be disturbed by your giggles and snorts.

  5. Oh, please do not read this book! You have to know all about Chess terms, your sides will hurt from laughing and you will have this strange craving to go out and get more books by Cherry.

    So pleaes, whatever you do be careful when considering such a hazardous book!

    Cherry should be arrested from causing people's sides to hurt so much! I tell you it's a shame.

  6. Jinny - Your site is so cool! I found it while googling 'Rowena Cherry', author of KNIGHT'S FORK. Your blog title 'Everyone needs a good fork' was so funny - and pun appropriate for this book actually. I just wanted to say that if you do want to laugh OUT LOUD, and like futuristic romances with gods, knights, etc. - this is a must read! This is a series all with chess-related titles: Forced Mate, Insufficient Mating Material & Knight's Fork. Now...I have to go read some more of your posts - thanks!

  7. Hi, Jinny,

    By the way, that is a favourite name of mine. The heroine of my first book, FORCED MATE, is named "Jinny".

    I'm delighted that you cracked up with laughter. It's a reaction I get a lot with my books.

    Just in case you don't have the back cover available, here's what it says:

    Back cover/Blurb

    "Carpe Scrotum. Seize Life by the Testicles."

    The Queen Consort of the Volnoth needs a sperm donor, and only one green-eyed god has the right stuff. Little does she know she has pinned all her hopes on the crown jewels of the fabled Royal Saurian Djinn. Not only is he the son of her greatest enemy, but he has taken a vow of chastity.

    "When forced to choose between two evils,
    pick the one you've never tried before.… SEX."

    The Saurian Knight is caught between a problem father who has all the moral integrity of a Mafia Don, and a married Princess who would stop at nothing to have his seed in her belly. No matter which way he turns, he's "forked."

    "Why would a male both hope for and fear a lover?
    …Ah! Inexperience perhaps?"

    Taking the wrong lover…in the wrong place, at the wrong time…is dangerous. And when the High and Mighty intervene, it can be fatal. Can true love and a pure White Knight's virtue triumph, when society loves a right royal scandal?
    ISBN 0-505-52740-5
    ISBN 978-0-505-52740-0

  8. Bwhhahahahaha! I haven't been a romance fiction fan since the bodice ripping novellas of the 70's and 80's. Pretty sure they ruined me for normal guys for the earlier part of my life! But I HAVE to read this one. My husband can translate the chess terms...

    Love ya Jin!


  9. is there a problem with the Knight's fork? maybe we could get him a plastic spork to use until the fork issue is resolved. we don't want any hungry knights.