Monday, October 6, 2008

Football session = Football delusions

"Chance takers are accident makers." ~ Author Unknown

I know that I briefly mentioned my husbands shoulder a while back. Now that we know that he isn't all that hurt and his shoulder won't require any surgery, I thought I interview him so he could tell y'all what happened.

Hi, honey.

You hurt your shoulder a couple of weeks ago?

How'd ya do that?
Playing football.

Where were you playing football?
Up at work.

Do y'all usually play football up at work?
During football season, yeah.

What team were you on?
The losing team, obviously. *laughs*

So, did Stuart tackle you?
No. Stuart couldn't tackle the broadside of a house.

I'm sure he would love you saying that about him.
Stuart is a douchbag.

{editors note: Jeremy and Stuart REALLY do like each other..for real}

*shakes my head* EXACTLY did you hurt your arm?
I tackled a roll of bubble wrap.


Was the bubble wrap on the winning team?
I guess so.

{edit: Jeremy would like to add that it was a really BIG roll of bubble wrap}

I thought bubble wrap was suppose to prevent things from breaking?
It does...unless you bounce off of it and hit the concrete.

Oh, I see.

Aren't you going to ask me why I tackled the bubble wrap?

Ok, WHY did you tackle the bubble wrap? What did it ever do to you?
Because no one else was stupid enough to do it.

So, everyone else you work with are a bunch of chicken shits?
Hell yeah.

BUT, none of them have a hurt shoulder?
No, I guess not.

I see.

What did the doctor say?
The doctor thought I might have torn some tendons.

But you didn't?

Did you learn your lesson?
Nope. *laughs*

And, what exactly does he mean that he didn't learn his lesson? Well, he has another appointment with the doctor tomorrow. This time, for his finger. Again..a whole different story that will have to wait for another time.


  1. My hubby is an avid fisherman. He tore a tendon fishing.

    He was off work for 8 months.

    Hobby's and injuries are no fun. Your hubby got off easy and needs to thank his lucky stars!!!