Saturday, September 6, 2008

My New Purse!

The Front.

"Guys, a woman's purse, alright, it's her secret source of power. Alright? There are many dark and dangerous things in there, that we, the male species, should know nothing about." ~ Matthew McConaughey as Ben in 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days'

Remember when I was asking for y'alls opinion on purses? Well, I just realized that I never told y'all which one I picked. Actually, I didn't pick at all. Instead, I sent all the options to my Mom and asked that she and my sister pick one for my birthday.

The Back.

When we got home from our weekend in San Antonio it was waiting on the table. I L O V E this purse. It's fun, its funky, its very well made. My Mom got it from Spirited Style on They have lots of other purses, similiar in shape but with different fabrics.

The Inside.

The inside is divided into two parts by a zippered pocket. There are three smaller pockets on one side of the zippered part. As you can see, it fits my wallet, work badge, and even my IPOD perfectly...among other things. I've already had some compliments from strangers as I am out and about.

It was a GREAT birthday present, and I'm glad my Mom chose it for me.


  1. I love that purse! I definitely feel like I need a new one now.