Monday, September 29, 2008 ass is expanding

"I keep trying to lose weight... but it keeps finding me!" ~ Author Unknown

Before I even stepped on the scale, I knew. I knew that I had gained some weight. Without the scale I can feel it in my body..when I am laying down, when I am getting dressed. I can't say I'm surprised. I've fallen off the wagon in a big, bad way. I think I have allowed myself to hoover up every piece of food within a five foot radius of my person.

But, I don't like feeling this way. And unlike before, when I first put all this weight on, I am much more aware of how the extra weight makes me feel..both physically and emotionally. I'm trying very hard to get back on some sort of routine, schedule..ok, ok..."diet"..if you must call it that. I've even been thinking of getting back on Weight Watchers.

It's time for dinner now. Southwest Salad, that's whats on the menu. And as I prepare it I will be chanting to myself that I'm only allowed one bowl full..just one..just one...just one.

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