Wednesday, August 6, 2008

From Mindfreak to Freak-a-leek

“Show business is just like high school, except you get paid.” ~ Martin Mull

Does anyone else watch this show? I don't watch it on a regular basis, actually I rarely catch it. I might stop on it if there is nothing else on and I am bored of flipping through the channels.

Anyway, I can remember when the show was newer. And from then until now I can't help but notice a difference.

Criss in the 'early days':

Criss 'now-a-days':

Hhmm, do YOU notice it? Tonight as I left the channel on Mindfreak as background noise (Jeremy is at band rehersal, so I'm home alone tonight) I couldn't help but notice that Mr. Angel has a huge sparklie diamond ring on EVERY FINGER. Come on, every finger?! And at least five necklaces. AND a sparklie wallet chain hanging from his pants.

But then a new episode started (gotta love those back to back thirty minute shows) and he looks like this:

What gives, Mr. 'Look how dark and broody I am'?

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  1. Jinny Jinny Jinny! A new background! Very fun. Have a great weekend kid.