Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm Her #1 Fan

“Make them laugh, make them cry, and hack to laughter. What do people go to the theatre for? An emotional exercise. . . . I am a servant of the people. I have never forgotten that.” ~ Mary Pickford

Tonight is the opening night for the local theatre's production of 'Grease'. My sister is playing the part of Jan, one of the Pink Ladies. I wanted to give her something, a 'good show' gift. Something to let her know that I would be thinking about her on opening night. I was going to have flowers delivered, but after talking it over with a theatre 'insider'..ha ha..I was informed that flowers were best left for closing weekend. These actors are a very supersitious lot. Anyway, flowers might have to wait for another time..and there will be other times, lots of them.

I decided to creat something from scratch. Something sort of fun and unusual. My sister prefers things like that, things that have a little thought put into them. It's not professional and I held my breath while we drove it over there because I just knew that it was going to fall apart at the very last second. But, it's from the heart and it was made with love.

So, good mean...Break a leg, Sissy!


  1. Jinny I LOVED IT!!! I couldn't have asked for a better good show gift! I really thought you had it done professionally. It was that good! Alexis told me she had been keeping that secret from me for like 2 weeks!! Thank you again so much I love you!!

  2. YUM! I think I might prefer that to flowers haha

  3. i love it!! that is so great and yummy and creative. you sissy is lucky!!

    thanks for the encouragement about the kitten, it meant a lot. i believe we are going to try and keep him. his name-- Samson July :)

  4. What an awesome idea!!! I would prefer that over flowers any day! What a lucky sister you have!