Wednesday, May 21, 2008

101/#46 - Get an outragous (for me) hair cut

"Hair brings one's self-image into focus; it is vanity's proving ground. Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices." ~ Shana Alexander




  1. If you wanted to look older, you made the right decision. Not to be rude but I like your old hairstyle better ..

  2. Good for you for doing something new and out of your comfort zone! Not only do I think your new cut is darling, but I think you will like it as it grows out. Pay no attention to Point Blank Bitch-lol!

  3. I think it looks sassy! but also more professional - the kind of cut I'd get if I were applying for a better job. :-)

  4. la grosse princesse's back fat should disqualify her from commenting on ANYONE ELSE'S appearance. Ever. Period. She's a Pig.

    Friend of RealWorldGirl's,

  5. good lord, i can't disagree more with la grosse princesse! i think that your haircut is so great. i absolutely love the bangs. i'm a big fan of bangs but my hair would never settle into something so chic, its way too wild. i think this style is very cool for you jinny! keep on rockin' that list. i'm trying to compile one of my own, its slow going but hopefully i'll get it finished!

  6. Lovelovelove your new 'do!!!
    You sparkle & shine in both pics, sweetie! I only WISH I were so photogenic!!!

  7. My god .. Do you have to be rude ? I didn't say she looked ugly or anything bad ! I find her pretty but I just wanted to give my opinion ..

    Are you angry at my opinion like the others are Jinny ?

  8. Sorry it's still me. It my last email, I promise. I just wanted to say that your hair looks amazing on the other photos. I am taking my words back. Maybe it was just the gray shirt or somthing ..

    Anyways, you did the right choice for your hair and i'm sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm really sorry and didn't mean no harm or attitude or rudenest at all ...