Thursday, April 10, 2008

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto

“One of the things about a tornado, it comes so quickly you don't have time to get in a panic. If you do, you're probably not in one,” ~ Mike Huckabee

The first severe weather of the season is always a little hair-raising. Last night we had a line of severe thunderstorms rush across the city. The wind that brought the storm was worse than the actual storm itself, I think. The time between when the wind picks up and when the rain starts can sometimes be long enough to whip people into a paniced frenzy.

I'm not trying to make light of what could have been a very serious sitation. Tornados are bad and scary and nothing to be taken lightly. BUT, I can't help but find the humor in the weather reporters telling people to get in the basement. Hello?! We are in west Texas. How many basements do they think we have around here?

To be honest, I can understand the weather alerts (i.e. the constant beeping, beeping, screaching that comes on every channel) and the information that the news people pass along of 'POSSIBLE' severe weather. They want the public to be informed of what COULD happen. But, I've lived in this town all my life and I have a feel for bad weather. Last night was 80% certainty that it wasn't going to be much and 20% expectancy of something severe developing. Meaning, I wasn't all that concerned about a tornado blowing down our town. I was more worried about getting dents in the car from the hail.

The wind, however, was something to be reckoned with. The wind that brought the storm through town gusted up to 75 MPH at times. That's what did most of the damage across town last night. Big old tree branches are down, fences have been mangled, trash cans have been displaced.

But everyone is OK. At least until the next thunderstorm rolls into town.


  1. The wind is definitely what causes a lot of the damage. I grew up in Florida with lots of hurricanes.

  2. I didn't!!!! You realize that a tornado DID touch down here...and it tore off part of realize THAT is not very far from where I live!!!!! It's shocking to think how close it was.

  3. Suffice to say, I was scared half to death. Living in one place for one's life doesn't mean squat to me when Mother Nature comes calling. I've lived here 7 years and have been through several scares and each one of them unnerves me to the core.
    Been through a couple of hurricane's, too. Same thing.
    When one moment lives and homes can be intact and the next gone, it's serious business to me.

  4. Yikes! Good to know everyone's alright. Severe weather is never fun. A few years back we got a tornado accompanied by golf ball size hail in Virginia.

    That graphic gave me a chuckle.