Monday, April 28, 2008


"Life is simple, its just not easy." ~ Author Unknown

~ I'm feeling exceptionally creative after finishing the 'Bubble' painting. I did another painting this weekend. I can't say what it is or who its for yet. It's a present, so I'll have to share more later.

~ Sometimes at work..ok, everyday at work I make a little time countdown on a post-it note. I start it with the time I got to work and mark every hour until I get to go home. Then through out the day I mark off each hour as they pass. If a day is going super slow I might mark off the time in 15 minute increments.

~ Is it wrong to let a friendship cool because I don't have the strength to hold them up, and I know they don't have the strength to hold me up...and at this point I'm barely holding myself up?

~ Things I'm digging right now: HEB's pico de gallo and the music from Paramore.

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