Friday, March 21, 2008

Make new friends, but keep the old

"You wear the badge to let people know that you are prepared and willing to be called on because you are a Girl Scout." ~ Juliette G. Low

My girlfriend, Kim (Hi, Kim!), called me the other night to ask how a certain Girl Scout badge was suppose to be placed on the sash. I couldn't say for sure so I went digging for my own sash and/or vest to see if I had a similar badge. I didn't, but between the two of us we figured it out.

I was keeping my brownie sash in my memory trunk. My memory trunk is just that, a trunk with some of my memories in it. It is stuffed full of all kinds of memories from my childhood. I have my bronzed baby shoes, a hand crafted photo album (with pictures glued to construction paper paged), very small t-shirts I wore as a baby, my old diaries (how embarrassing..ha), and loads of other things.

I'm very glad that her phone call prompted me to go and dig it out. Because when I found it was under an old valentine sucker that some boy must have given me. The sucker was wrapped in tinfoil, but I guess over the years it has melted or started sweating, maybe? I'm not sure what happened, but it got all over my sash. I tried not to panic at the thought of having to get rid of my brownie sash. I brought it to my husband and told him that I was going to take it to the dry cleaners to see if they could save it. He had a better idea (which is why I keep him around). He soaked it in hot water and all that candy just melted right off of the sash. I knew he was good for something.

As you can see, it looks good as new. I threw that sucker away. I can't even remember who gave it to me or when. But my brownie sash, well, that's a different thing. Girl Scouts was a very large part of my life for many, many years. I have too many memories to count from all my years in Girl Scouts. I still have friends that I made in Girl Scouts, most of them have become like family to me. So, I'm glad that I went to pull it out so that I could take some time to think about all my Girl Scout adventures. And, I am very glad we were able to save the sash.


  1. It sounds like your husband should have been a Brownie - I'm sure he could have got a badge for stain removal!

    I was a brownie and a guide too. Loved it! I have no idea where all my badges are now though. Perhaps my parents have them.

  2. I never did Girl Scouts or Brownies when I was younger. I knew lots of girls who did though.

    Glad you managed to save it!

  3. Oh my gosh. There are like 5 million pictures of the puppy in two weeks. If you scroll back a page or so, I promise there will be more puppy pictures than you can handle!

  4. I'm glad you were able to save it. That was good to read. I hope my daughters remain good friends with their gs friends, as I really like the moms and the girls we've met so far.