Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cat Wranglin'

"I love cats because I love my home and after a while they become its visible soul." ~ Jean Cocteau

We had to take all three cats to the vet today.

We only have one crate, and it's falling apart. But, I got it out and put it in the living room. We had to use what we had because there was no way we could wrangle three cats without a little help.

It didn't take long for their curiosity to get the better of them. They had to come sniff around.

If only it had really been this easy to get them in the crate.

Instead they scattered when Jeremy walked in the door. So, we grabbed one and stuck him in the crate and went running after another. She was a slippery one though and managed to get under the bed. The dogs weren't helping matters either. I'm sure they thought this was some sort of game. We used the swiffer to prode her out from under the bed. Another cat in the crate, where much hissing and growling insued. Finally I grabbed the last cat, who also hissed at me, and wrapped him in a towel. Then off we went! Thank goodness the vet is just around the corner. Y'all should have heard the pitiful meowing that was going on in that vehicle.

Everything is ok with the kitties. The vet was merciful and gave them all their pill formed medicine right there in office. Have any of y'all ever tried to force a cat to swallow a pill? It's like wrestling with a greased up pig...that has very sharp teeth.

They kept commenting on how big squeak is. I think there might have even been a quick mention about putting him on a diet. Hhmmm, I can't imagine why they would think that? Maybe because he weighs 21 lbs.

Hey, he can't help it if he's big boned and fluffy.


  1. Have any of y'all ever tried to force a cat to swallow a pill?

    Why yes, yes indeed I have.

    Not pretty.

    And I still have the scars.

    I thought wrangling two was bad enough. With three you deserve some kind of medal.

  2. oh, poor kitty. i hope he feels better.

    i so very much miss my cats when i'm at school. i'm glad you're a cat person too!

  3. aw, poor critters!
    but the vet is for their own good.

    For Dida, we have to chase her into the bathroom, then NAB her despite the hisses. No fun for anyone involved.

    Three is a lot of cats! What a great family!