Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Very Doggie Tuesday!!

"Dogs are miracles with paws." ~Attributed to Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

I'm a little late with my doggie rescue post. Sorry about that. Well, this weeks trio are available in the Philadelphia area. The contact information for each dog is located in the description. Please, if the stories of these dogs happens to move you check out your own local shelter to find that animal that will complete your family.

Nicki is an 8 year girl & weighs 8-10 pounds. She has been spayed and is up to date on her shots. Though she is a little older, she seems in great health (though she has mild cataracts). Since she is older, she doesn't have the energy level that my 2 yr old dog has. She is much more mellow & much easier to deal with! She definitely still has bouts of excitement (when we go for our walks, when I come home at night, etc). She spins in circles when she gets excited. It is very cute! She is a complete love bug & all she wants to do is cuddle. She would stay on your lap forever if she could! I have had her for a couple weeks, and I have observed that she is very smart, gets along well with children, and loves people. She gets a little stiff & nervous around other dogs, but she has never exhibited any aggression. She is a very gentle soul. Once she gets to know the dog, like my dog, she has no problem with them. She is very smart, and has learned "sit" within the past week. Additionally, within the first few days of living with me, she learned not to go upstairs (and even if the baby gate is not at the bottom of the stairs), she still will not go up. She came into my home not completely house trained. But she definitely knows she is supposed to go outside. She has had some pee accidents in my house, but within the past week, with a regular schedule, she has not had any accidents in the past few days. I think that with a routine she will be completely house trained. If someone is looking for a loving companion, they could do no better than Nicki! Also, she is one of the least demanding dogs that I have ever seen (though of course she still wants love & attention, walks, food, treats, etc) especially compared to my high-energy 2 year old dog. She is very happy to curl up next to you on the sofa for the evening. If the above appeals to you, please do not hesitate to contact me! I would be happy to tell you more about her & send more photos if you wish. Please email me and we will go from there. Perhaps arrange a meeting. My email address is gretchenss@gmail.com Since you would be adopting her from Philly Paws, there is a $30 adoption fee that is paid to PAWS. (an additional $8 for a Philadelphia dog license if you live in the city) I can handle all the adoption paperwork so there will be no need to go to PAWS to handle any of the details.

Grizelda! or for short "Griz" or for fun "Grizzly Bear" Grizelda is a 12 week old female Pit Bull mix. She has a beautiful dark brown coloring with white spots on her nose (one line), paws (speckled) and chest. Her eyes are green! On 01/24/08 she weighed 13.8 pounds, but she already looks bigger! Accordingly to the vet, she will most likely be 65-75 pounds when full grown (best educated guess). She was emaciated upon arrival at the shelter and has since been eating like a horse! Right now we are working on socializing her and giving her a lot of positive experiences with other dogs, cats, kids, etc. This poor girl has been through some things in her short life and due to that she's a little scared of new people at first, but it's getting better everyday with every new person she meets. Once she trusts you she follows you EVERYWHERE! She's very loyal and loves to cuddle and lay right in your lap. She's doing great with potty training and basic commands. At 12 weeks she already whines when she wants to go out!!! Contact me, at AdoptHomelessPet@aol.com if you are interested, but please remember that puppies require A LOT of work and training! She has been dewormed, vaccinated, and will be spaded prior to adoption.

Murdock is the most wonderful dog I have ever met. He is smart, obedient, affectionate and has the perfect level of energy. He is excited when you come home, but calms down in seconds. If you are excited and want to play, he will. If you just want to chill, he will.

Murdock is housebroken, gets along with other dogs and cats, walks well on a leash, and does not bark. Murdock is neutered, micro chipped and has all his shots to date. He is a pit bull/boxer mix that was brought in as a stray, but you would never know it by how sweet and domesticated he is.

I am currently fostering Murdock because he is a wonderful dog, but has two strikes against him for adoption. He seems to be going blind. He has some trouble with his sight, but his other senses are keen and it does not hinder him very much. He does has trouble with chain link fences and table legs, but otherwise is fine. It only took him one day to realize where everything was at in my apartment and now he navigates very well.

The second strike against him is that he is missing a lot of fur on his body. However, he does not have mange. It is most likely because of poor nutrition or flea allergy. He is already starting to grow his fur back and it is very soft and silky. Once his fur grows back completely, he will be an absolutely beautiful brindle. With a personality to match.

Please give Murdock a forever home. I would keep him because he is so sweet, but I want to be able to foster another dog just like him who might not have a chance if kept in the shelter.

Please contact me at alcrossen@yahoo.com with any questions you may have.

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