Saturday, January 12, 2008

Very Doggie Monday

"Better to light a candle for one lost dog than to curse the darkness of man's indifference. Saving just one dog won't change the world, but it surely will change the world for that one dog." - Richard C. Call

This next set of lovelies are up for grabs at New Leash on Life Animal Rescue in Chicago. You can find more info about their adoption procedures here. This is a relatively new organization, formed in 2005, but you can tell they have a lot of heart.

This is Goldie. Doesn't she have beautiful eyes? Goldie is a rottweiler/beagle mix, about 3-4 years old. Goldie does ok on a leash and is a recent graduate of an obediance class. She is very food motivated so that is a good incentive when continuing her traning. She does great with other dogs, kids that are respectful of her, and cats that know how to tell her to back off. She is just very curious about them and can be a little 'nosey'. She is housetrained and ready for her forever home.

My name is Jose and I'm a lover not a fighter. Jose is a true to goodness mutt, about 7 months old. Since he is still on the young side he'll need all the basic puppy stuff, extra attention, extra training, and potty breaks at least every 3-4 hours. Also, because of his puppy-ness he would do better in a home with older kids who know how to be respectful to a dog, but he is great with other dogs. Jose is not house or crate trained yet but he can learn very quickly. Cant you see the intelligence in his eyes? He is a smart cookie, I can tell. Oh, and, on the website there is an additional picture of him wearing a very cute Christmas hat which leads me to believe that he is tolarant of our crazy human ways.

This young lady is Mackenzie. Another true blue mutt, about 1 year old. She is moving into adulthood but still has all that puppy sass and spunk. She is goofy and playful, and just as sweet as can be. She would be great with an active family, a jogger or someone who likes to take long walks. She loves to meet people and other dogs. Being in a foster home has really helped to socialize her so that she isn't TOO hyper. They are also working on her house training, but she is fully crate trained. She is good around kids and other dogs. They are unsure if she would be good with cats. I say she has a sweet face and would be a jewel of a dog for any family.

*** UPDATE ****

I reached out to the great staff at EARS asking about the three dogs I featured last Monday. This is what I found out. Pogo, with the sun-shine smile, has been adopted by a great couple who have another boston terrier for him to play with! Gage, with those soulful eyes, has an adoption application put in. Y'all keep your fingers crossed that it works out. He deserves to have a happy, safe home. And, well, Wagner is still looking for his forever home. I know they are out there looking for him too.

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  1. ohh, how nice of you to post this! i love animals -- i am genetically wired to have my heart melt at the sight of them. i own three cats (all saves) and two dogs that are my daughter's that spend the weekends with us (our grandpups) :)

    if i had a farm with tons of acres, i'd be the crazy lady with all the stray animals living there.

    these puppies are all so sweet looking....i send good energy to all of them :)