Friday, January 11, 2008

Supermodels *eye roll*

“The leading cause of death among fashion models is falling through street grates.” ~ Dave Barry

I happened to catch an episode of 'Make Me A Supermodel' last night. It wasn't on purpose, I just happen to be flipping through the channels. I don't have anything against these type of shows in general. I know they are all 'pretend reality' shows. I do make a point to catch 'Americas Next Top Model' just for the campiness of it all.

But, there is one thing that does bother me. It's one thing that has me yelling at the TV in ridiculous outrage. These 'models' that BEG and PLEAD and SWEAR that they are willling to do ANYTHING to be famous refusing to wear an outfit..or refusing to wear nothing. Listen, I'm all for modesty. You won't see me running around modeling a thong bikini. But I'm not on national TV, competing to be the next big thing in modeling.

The picture above is one of the girls competing in 'Make Me A Supermodel'. Her name is Jacki. Last night they had their first walk down the runway, modeling swimsuits. Two of the girl models and two of the boy models were randomly picked to wear the thonged swimwear. Everyone wore their designated switsuit except her. She just didn't feel 'comfortable' wearing a thong bikini down the runway. Yes, it actually drove me to holler at the TV. Why would anyone that wants to be a model, and said they would do ANYTHING to achieve that goal, think it's ok to just decide not to wear what they are told? I mean, does she think that would fly on an actual job? What do these kids think modeling is? Being covered from head to toe all the time?

My husband says that it's all fabricated for the drama. He is sure that the producers qued her to 'act' like she was upset about wearing the thong. I know 'reality' TV is not REAL reality, so maybe he is right. Maybe it is all fake and made up. But there is always one challenge in those shows that require the people to wear nothing or close to nothing, and there is always someone that is bothered by it and can't do it. I say put your money where your mouth want it bad enough you'll shut the hell up, put that thong bikini on, and work that runway for all your worth.

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  1. And why is it that the girl who *loves* her long and luscious hair is always the one who gets the gamine short-hair cut, (or even the bald-look)when they do the makover week on ANTM?

    Guaranteed tears and drama.