Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New York, New York

“She dreamed, lulled by the train, of getting off at heaven or New York City, whichever she got to first.” ~ Mary Lee Settle

Last summer I made a short list of ten places I want to see before I die. New York was my number 1. Now, I've already been to New York once. I went with my cousin, my sister, and another friend. I had such a good time and New York was truely amazing but....

It was February and although there was little snow on the ground it was COLD. Like "my ears and burning and about to fall off my head" cold. We were only there for four days. And I got sick. Allow me to show you a few pictures:

As much fun as I did have, because..HELLO! I was in New York City..and also it's nearly impossible not to have a good time with those girls...I want to go back. I would like to go when it's warmer and with my husband. I didn't have time to people watch, even if the weather had permitted. I wand to eat lunch in Central Park on the ledge of one of gigantic fountains. I want to stroll down the streets and window shop. There is just so much that I didn't get to see or do the first time. So, another trip is required. Hopefully next time around I'll get a little more of this instead:


  1. aha!

    No, I don't recommend New York in the winter. At least you were in the middle of the island. One must avoid the West Side. The wind is brutal there.

    Come in April at the earliest. Spring in NYC is gorgeous.

    I'll write up a whole list of restaurants for you if you know where you'll be!

  2. I hope you get to visit everywhere on your list. Experiencing the world is so important, and I hope you have the opportunity.

  3. I have been in NYC in July when it was steamy and hot...and I now dream of re-visiting it at Christmas-time when it is cold!

  4. I love NY and not just because we eloped there!