Sunday, November 11, 2007

“We've got to continue to find ways to honor our 25 million veterans that have served our country with such honor and distinction.” ~ Zack Wamp

We went downtown yesterday to watch the Veterans Day parade. My father-in-law is retired Air Force and my husband's step-grandfather is retired Navy. So, the whole family went and found a nice piece of street to sit on to watch the show.

The parade started with two fighter jets flying over at 1000 feet. It was loud, very loud and my four (nearly five) year old nephew covered his ears and ducked his head. We had every branch of the military represented in the parade and on the street side. Even the local schools ROTC came out to march in the parade. There were marching bands, some bigger and better than others. And there were a lot, and I mean a lot, of classic cars.

The sun was out and it was very warm. I wore two shirts thinking it might be a little chilly. Boy was I wrong. I think I might even have a little bit of a tan from sitting out there.

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