Thursday, November 29, 2007

"There's no place like home." ~ Dorothy

This week has totally kicked my butt. And it isn't even over yet. I'm tired and my brain is fried. I feel like I need to sleep for a year to play catch up. So, today's post is a bit of a cheat.

I live in a small three bedroom/one bathroom house. It's the first house my husband and I have purchased and we have lived in it for the last five years. It is far from perfect. It is old, the water pressure sucks, the dishwasher has never ever worked, the washing machine is in the kitchen and the dryer is out in the carport, doors don't shut properly, we had to buy the smallest refrigerator to fit into the space provided (no sub-zero, stainless steal, super cool fridge for me), did I mention that there is only one bathroom?

Ok, like I said it isn't perfect. BUT, it is home. When we go out of town it is always a relief to pull into the driveway and be HOME. It is the place that I can be absolutely relaxed and totally myself.

Along that line, I would like to post some pictures of things in my home which I love. These are just some random photos of things that are displayed around my home that I think are fun, unique, sentimental, and make this house my home.

I bought this painting years ago at a local summer festival. We just recently bought a frame for it. The caption underneath it says 'Three houseplants...soon to be two'.

This in one of three metal geckos that we bought when we went to Colorado in May.

Y'all know how much I love my coffee.

A cool retro kitchen sign.

My wall of crosses. Is a very good use of space that would have other wise been wasted.

Postcards that we collected in Colorado. There are two see-through frames each displaying three postcards.

Another cute retro sign.

Some of our starfish. I think we kept those from our wedding reception.

A piece of art that my sister brought back from Paris for me.

My husband is a huge Metallica fan and has been for many, many, many years. We have a lot of Metallica stuff hanging around in our office.

More art work. This was painted by my husband. Actually he painted two, the pair is holding a banner that says 'hope'.

Welp, that's it. A little peek inside my humble abode. I'm going to go crawl into my humble little bed and catch some humble little zzzzz's.

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